Fresh. Ambitious. Inspired.

Bond has partner background in Planning, Architecture, Engineering, Owners Representation, Construction Management, Acquisitions, and even Software Development. We are ushering in a new era of technology + construction.

We are inspired to create the best experience for the tenants of our projects. Our goal with every project is to build something unique, something we can pour our energy into, to build something that we can be proud of. 

When you combine new things, you get new results. Keep an eye out for our upcoming projects.

Fast. Thorough. Committed.

We figure out deals faster than you've ever seen. We've evaluated more than 2,000 NYC properties. Not simple comparable analysis, but by detailed assessment of development potential including use, cost, market and hidden value. After years of doing the heavy lifting for other developers, we're now leading developments.

Real Estate and Construction in New York City is a risky business. With so many complexities and intricacies, it’s like conducting an orchestra - and if you don’t know how to manage it, you can easily lose control. Because of these complexities, project management is at the heart of what we do. We also recognize that Real Estate Development is a team sport and we partner with great companies of similar beliefs, looking to build the future of NYC with us. 

We invest in all of our developments financially, and any consulting and management fees are rolled into the deal. We select our projects carefully and are 100% committed to their success. 

Gut Renovation. We are in constant search for buildings in desperate need of improvement. The more work required, the better for us, as we look to unlock the hidden value a property may hold in the form of a use conversion, modernization, or addition. We have underwritten many conversion strategies and look to find new opportunities ahead of market shifts fueled by new demand, retail, or cultural developments.   

New Construction. With our expertise in planning and new construction, we also analyze ground-up opportunities (apartments or condos) with favorable land basis. By deploying our internal team of experts, we design signature buildings with much higher efficiency of time and capital. In addition, our modular construction strategies offer mitigated risk, increased safety, optimized cost, and accelerated schedules.

Communal Living. Keeping ahead of this new movement for millennials, we are actively developing a communal living concept that harnesses architecture and interior design to foster relationships among the tenants of the building. When combined with social network apps, curated communal spaces can really bring people together in new ways, adding value beyond traditional monthly rent.

At the core, we design developments we would want to live in. We do extensive market research to get to know our tenants, before our projects are even designed.

Leveraging our strategic partnerships with Life Coded, LLC and EDG, we develop high-tech, well-designed apartments. Our approach cultivates face-to-face engagement, creating a sense of community to meet current and future needs of millennials seeking more out of their apartment. Pre-furnished units, socially connected tenants, and shared kitchens and recreation spaces offer a lifestyle - not just an apartment.